Who we are & What we do

Fund FPI Innovation Fund - a venture investment fund with a focus on proactive management at an early stage of innovative hight-tech projects.

The Fund was founded in 2011, major offices are in United States and Russia.


The Fund's mission: the transformation of scientific and technical ideas into commercially viable business projects.





  • Develop a strategy to quickly increase the business capitalisation
  • Find an opportunity to be embedded in global cooperation and trade
  • Strengthen the management team with best available external expertise and new entrants
  • Develop the necessary additional expertise in a project
  • Ensure effective access to successful solutions and achieve their real implementation


is an investor who transforms reality, using ideas and know-hows of the projects as spring-board to create real business models with high value



  • Research and attract projects at an early stage, even before the formation of the business model, and actively participate in their development



  • Minimize the sum of the initial hight-risk investments due to an earlier entry into the projects to and fundamental understanding of the project development prospecks at an earlier stage



  • Search for «star» projects than can provide maximum return on investment



  • Actively use the entrepreneurial experience of the Fund team, fusing it together with the project's team enthusiasm


  • Sources of technologies and projects:


    1. Scientists and teams in research laboratories, research institutes and universities in Russia/former Soviet Union
    2. Representatives of the Soviet and Russian scientific schools, engineers and hight tech entrepreneurs in the US, Europe and Israel


  • We invest mainly in US, EU and Israel and develop our portfolio companies in accordance with international corporate standards, actively involving professionals in these countries
  • We are focused on hight-tech industrial projects in the b2b segment (except for pharmaceuticals and IT/Internet). The main sectors for investment:


    1. New materials
    2. New chemical processes and technologies
    3. Laser Technology
    4. Energy saving and energy efficiency
    5. Oil and Gas Technologies