Dmitry Medvedev showed interest in the nanoCBN cutter plates at the booth of Microbor Nanotech during the exhibition named “History of Russian Innovations: from the Periodic Table to Graphene”

Published on 18 July 2012


The exhibition of “History of Russian Innovations: from the Periodic Table to Graphene” was scheduled to coincide with the opening of the “First All-Russian Science Festival” and held on February 8, 2011 in the

MedvedevPolytechnic Museum. The exhibition displayed the latest achievements of ROSNANO design company, including Microbor Nanotech, which is known for its nanoCBN superhard material developments (cubic boron nitride nanopowder), used in metalworking.

The exhibits demonstrated the historical development of engineering and scientific thinking in the field of innovational technical solutions in various eras. Microbor Nanotech’s booth consisted of two parts: the first had a pedal-driven lathe, which was awarded a medal at the 1882 Moscow All-Russian Exhibition, as an example of the initial stage of metalworking development. The second part of the booth exhibited the latest achievements in metalworking equipment, presenting a cutter of the latest generation for cutting of hard and superhard materials made of nanoCBN developed by Microbor Nanotech.

The booth on the historical development of metalworking tools attracted interest of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, who visited the exhibition and attentively examined the cutter of Microbor Nanotech presented at the booth. The cutter’s dimensions do not exceed two centimeters in length and width. For more convenient demonstration, the cutter was installed in a special holder used in modern lathes and called “tool mount”. Despite its small size and due to its unique properties, the cutter can cut materials that previously could not be cut. The nanoCBN microhardness exceeds that of synthetic diamond and in contrast to the latter, the nanoCBN material is shock-resistant and heat-resistant.

General Director of Microbor Nanotech Alexander Timofeev briefed Dmitry Medvedev on the advantages of the innovative technology to create a new generation of nanoCBN cutting material compared to other materials, the possibilities of the Microbor Nanotech cutters and the economic benefit from their use. He also presented Dmitry Medvedev with a souvenir of a nanoCBN cutter with laser engraving that was especially fabricated for the opening of the exhibition.