How much is your startup idea worth?

Published on 18 July 2012

Along different projects workflow, I often hear this question about how much is my idea worth. The answer is perfectly simple: The cost of your idea is 0 rub.00 kop.


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Let me explain. The format of a thought in your head - is just an abstraction, which you it can neither sell, nor to attract investors to develop it.

To create demand for an idea it is necessary to turn it into a working prototype, adapted to the available resources and markets. The idea as a though is not tangible until it becomes a foundation for a product, that can be interesting for potential users.

If the ideas are worthless, then what has value then?
It is the quality and speed of realization of this idea into a working prototype (layout) that renders real value to your idea. This is a big world, and the chances are that at this very moment the same idea is born in someone’s mind, and he's working on it right now.

My advice is to pay maximum attention to the implementation of your idea, do not dream, and do not guess, devote as much time and effort as possible to your project and immerse yourself in work. Be a winner in this race, transform your idea into a working prototype. And then you can safely go to a next level, attracting investments to the project.

Do not live by illusions, bring their ideas to life, and the reward will await its hero.

(с) Habrahabr