7th Technovation Cup: Selection of Innovative Projects by Young Inventors Completed

Published on 18 July 2012

October 25, 2011. Today was the last round of evaluation of the projects participating in the Technovation Cup which for the first time was held with direct support from representatives of FPI venture fund. Thirty-six projects were selected. Winner teams will make it to the semi-final with the prospect of winning the Cup, getting prize money and kick-start their projects into life.
The winners are innovative projects by students of 29 Russian universities and technical institutes, mainly from Siberian, Volga and Central federal districts.
As in previous years, the expert panel included young specialists of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This year, however, they enjoyed active support from the representatives of the partners and sponsors of the Cup.
FPI venture fund, a partner of the expert panel, for the first time in the history of the Cup provided comprehensive consulting and coaching support regarding the methodology of project selection and evaluation. A special emphasis was put on integral analisys of technological and market potential of participating projects, greatly enhancing both the standards of project selection and the rating of the Cup. In addition, some students of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology who worked as part of the expert panel have got the opportunity of beconming interns at FPI.
FPI representatives said the fund may consider providing further help in implementation and promotion of the most promising projects after the Cup.

Semi-finalists include
Mobile dairy point
LEDPure: new water treatment methods
Real Speaker Labs
Intelligent car autopilot
Button of life
Advanced environment purification technology using tubular textile filters
Neural-network digital RFID tabs signal detector
Technology of production of higher fatty alcohols
Technology of production of highly energy-efficient heating systems
Forest restoration after wildfire
Super narrow band centralized wireless data transfer system
GLONASS ground GPS infractructure
Nano-structural biologically inert gold and zirconia coating
“Eye” non-contact equipment control system
Energy-efficient bunker devices
Technology of armouring of thermoplastic binding agents
Compact microcalorimeter for precision measurement
Laser analyzer of isotope content of CO2 in exhaled air
Black Cat
Aerial monitor
Use of human and animal blood clots in diagnostics and treatment
New chapter in engine building
Intelligent dating agency
Fire-prevention cut-off switch
New three-layer wall panels
“Ingida” anti-counterfeit system
Pelleted nano-stucture forming filler for termal concretes
“Windmill” powerplant
“Arctic Falcon” unmanned aerial vehicle
Space cooling system based on accumulation of natural cold