ANF Technology Limited (UK/USA/Estonia)

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About Investment

ANF Technology Limited is a UK registered company with production facilities in Tallinn, Estonia, and business development in the US. ANF develops, markets and sells Nafen™ Aluminum Oxide Nano fibers to the applicable industries and endeavor to work cooperatively with leaders in said industries for the purpose of developing new, innovative product and material solutions. Nafen™ is the only material of its kind available on the market in industrial volumes, combining unique features of the nano scale with real mass-production capabilities. ANF is currently active in creating applications for Nafen fibers in polymer composites, catalysis, ceramics, and filtration. It provides added value to structural materials through multifold increase of strength, toughness and fire resistance even at low loading concentration. Catalysts and membrances benefit from high surface area and huge aspect ratio.


FPI's Role in the project

FPI entered the project as an angel investor in the very early days, in mid 2010. In 2012, after feasibility study and business setup had been completed, round 2 was raised by the FPI team for further business and applications development.


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Nano Industrial Solutions Corporation (USA/Israel)

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About Investment

NiS developed and commercialized a novel technology to be used in a very wide variety of markets, with applications including industrial lubricants, grease additives, next generation oil&gas drill muds. NIS products utilize unique properties of inorganic fullerene-like WS2 nanoparticles, produced by NiS at industrial scale and cost. The products are already proven to reduce wear in friction pairs by a factor of 2X (1.7X-2.2X). No other lubricants available on the market today are capable of reducing normal wear anywhere close.

The customers benefit considerably from much lower TCO of their industrial equipment units (decrease of replacement, maintenance, repair costs).

NIS focuses on Noth American B2B market in three segments: industrial oil additives, grease additives and drilling mud additives.

The NIS team has a unique combination of business and science competences, as well as ready to use sales channels.


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About Investment

The ARDN Company creates unique unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of vertical take-off and landing, specially focused on agriculture, logistics, and fire control. FLYP (Flying Platform) has a considerably lower production cost than existing counterparts, while delivering 4-10 times higher capacity. To solve a number of fundamental problems in the development of such a vehicle became only possible due to the unique expertise of the ARDN team, which includes engineers from Design Department of Kazan aircraft plant, Tupolev Design Bureau, Kazan Helicopter Plant.
Strategic partnership with the market leader in plant protection products in Russia and effective business model for FLYP operation and maintenance shall provide ARDN with a significant share of the Russian and international UAV market to which experts predict explosive growth in 2016 — 2025 years (primarily due to the large-scale introduction to agriculture processes).
ARDN key markets are the largest Agricultural regions of the world — South America, Russia, Australia, but also many other hard to get regions of the world, where the logistics application of FLYP is mostly demanded.



F-Nano (Functional Nanosystems)

About Investment

The company has developed and patented a unique technology for the application of optically transparent electrically conductive coating. The affordability of this technology makes possible new applications and opens up new markets for transparent materials with a similar coating — architectural and automotive glass, LED panel, solar panels, opto-electrical devices and other.
The company focuses on the B2B markets in the US and Europe.




About Investment

The company has created and patented production technology and application on any surface of a tinted film, with a degree of shading changing from an almost completely transparent to 97% dimming using a low voltage electric current.
This technology allows the creation of products for already installed windows, unlike competing solutions that produce and install only the new electrochromic windows in new buildings.
The use of solar panels and battery allows to fully avoid the use of wires for power and control and provides a revolutionary easy installation and assembly.

This technology is implemented in a first commercial product by iGlass named Wisp, which will be integrated into a smart home ecosystem. Digital Blinds consists of patented electrochromic film, connected to a stylish control PowerBar with solar panel and accumulator.
Cost efficient production, retrofit opportunities, autonomous functioning without necessary power connection - all make a significant share of a $20 bln USA market of window accessories quite feasible. The company is now negotiating with the biggest home improvement and renovation retailers, home interior designers, and window tinting film installers to ensure fast market roll-out in 2017.




About Investment

In June 2015 FPI invested in the project Angara, which develops a line of AlfaPEROX compositions for cleaning of heat exchangers and other process equipment from various deposits, including particularly hard to remove non-reactive deposits.

Actively selective AlfaPEROX composition combines the advantages of physical and chemical cleaning methods, eliminating their drawbacks. AlfaPEROX is a composition, which does not react with metals and sealing materials,and thus provides absolute safety of usage. Upon the cleaning process AlfaPEROX decomposes into harmless components that do not require special disposal procedures.